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Politics of education in neo liberal global capitalism
Disagrements on KNOWLEDGE

13 and 14 January 2007, Saturday and Sunday
At spiel:platz & imagetanz, dietheater, Vienna

The Project “Politics of education in neo liberal global capitalism” in Vienna was conceptualized in an exchange process of discussions, presentations and readings between Fahim Amir, Nadine Jessen (spiel:platz dietheater), Bettina Kogler (imagetanz dietheater), Prof. Dr Marina Grzinic and the students of the Post Conceptual Art Practices (P.C.A.P) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Ana Vujanovic, Marta Popivoda (Walking Theory), Ivana Marjanovic, Vida Knezevic (Kontekst Gallery), Ralo Mayer, Philipp Haupt (Manoa Free University) and all the involved and invited artists, theoreticians, activists and readers. One part of the project conceptualization, besides the work we did in Vienna and Belgrade, took part in PAF Winter University (2006) St. Erme, France.


spiel:platz & imagetanz, dietheater, Vienna

Manoa Free University, Vienna

Post Conceptual Art Practices (P.C.A.P)
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Walking Theory, Belgrade
S-O-S project/ Self-managed Educational System in Arts

Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade
(co-partner in S-O-S project)


dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
Address: Lothringer Straße 20, 1030 Wien
Map and how to get there:


SATURDAY, 13. January 2007
At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Ivan & Laura
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A Closer View, a Guide on the Construction of the Eastern-Europeanism (performance – 30min)
Languages: German/English/Slovak

At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

S-O-S project – Nomanden reading group
Critical readings: “Immaterial Civil War”
With presentation and discussion by
Walking Theory: S-O-S project, Belgrade
Nomanden reading group, P.C.A.P/Akbild, Vienna

Language: English

S-O-S project //Self-managed Educational System in Art// is a research project on educational systems in the fields of contemporary arts and humanities. Key topics are: production and management of knowledge, research, self-organization, and application of open source procedures in education. This project is conceived as an open system of scientific-research, theoretical and practical workshops that develop the practice of post-pedagogy in the fields of scientific, theoretical and practical research of art theory, culture studies, cultural activism and educational systems, with a goal of finding alternatives in the direction of self-education.

Nomanden is a space organized by students in the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. It functions as an archive for collected knowledge and is used as a meeting point for reading groups and discussions. Our current focus is: How do we want to be educated? Readings on this topic take different forms, for example the nomanden travelling library bus to Prishtina (Kosova) and readings during our stay at PAF, France.
At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Nina Stuhldreher
SPLIT BRAIN (Die Kunst, die ich nicht machen mag)
Languages: German/English translation will be provided

Eine toxikologische Wortperformance von Nina Stuhldreher über das Handicap als KünstlerIn denkfähig zu sein/ A toxicological performance by Nina Stuhldreher on Handicap as an artist thinking process (10 min).

At 20:00
At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Ivan & Laura
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A Closer View, a Guide on the Construction of the Eastern-Europeanism (performance – 30min) REPETITION

SUNDAY, 14 January 2007
At Manoa Free University, Vienna

Ralo Mayer and Philipp Haupt
Presentation: Performative Research / Modellräume als Handlungsräume
(Model spaces as spaces of acting)
Language: English
Knowledge and research are at the (propagated) centre of both capitalist production in general and art specifically. How can we find ways of researching that are not directly subsumed under the logic of post-Fordism? Performative research centres on the process of research itself through the conscious use of scripts and settings; not aiming at the production of objects, concepts or theory, but the production of subjectivities. The presentation will include several projects done in and around the Manoa Free University that tested strategies to transgress prefabricated concepts of research — re-modelling models as tools of production
and transfer of knowledge.

At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Kirsten Forkert
Lecture: Wild card: conceptual art, the market and arts education
Language: English

Forkert’s presentation will involve asking questions about the history of conceptual art—how it was both implicated in the expansion of the art market, but also how it attempted to contest it, leading to openly politicized art practices (some of which have been left out of conventional art historical accounts because of challenging the boundaries of the art discipline). Forkert will also discuss the fate of conceptually based, performative and socially engaged practices in relation to recent shifts in arts education and cultural policy—which call for a return to the traditional role of the artist, the art object and the art discipline.

Kirsten Forkert is a cultural producer based in Malmö, Sweden, where she is attending the Critical Studies program. Her work as an artist, writer and organizer has often engaged with the role of culture in neoliberalism, dealing with issues such as the commercialization of education and the relationship of the arts to gentrification. She is currently developing a research project documenting labor disputes in cultural institutions, and attempts by artists to organize around their own working conditions. She is also working on an online audio project involving the reading aloud of manifestos from the Art Workers Coalition Open Hearing in 1969, which will be part of the next issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. Forkert has been involved in many independent spaces and collectives, and is currently a contributing editor for Fuse Magazine in Canada.

At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
Ivan & Laura
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A Closer View, a Guide on the Construction of the Eastern-Europeanism (performance – 30min) REPETITION
19: 00
At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Eduard Freudmann and Can Gülcü
Presentation: Beograd Gazela – A travel guidebook about a Roma slum (progress report)
Language: English

Urban slums like the one under Belgrade’s Gazela Bridge are widely excluded from public perception. By adapting the concept of a travel guidebook, Eduard Freudmann and Can Gülcü aim to denominate a white spot to integrate that very “non-place” into the city’s topology. In their presentation they will provide an insight into their research on location and give an overview about the daily situation Serbian Roma are confronted with: discrimination, racism and governmental ignorance towards their concerns.

IN FOCUS: 12.01.2007
At dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna

Das Problem der Handlungsreisenden
Ralo Mayer, Philipp Haupt in Zusammenarbeit mit /with Katharina Morawek u.a.


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