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cyber feminism past forward
cyber fems virtual real
cyber fems real meetings

Opening: March 8 2007, 7 pm with a concert performance by Eva Ursprung
Duration of the exhibition: March 9 - March 31, 2007
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-7 pm

Austrian Association of Women Artists
Maysedergasse 2
1010 Vienna/Austria
Tel: + 43-1-513 64 73/Fax -- 9

Kloe Bratz (TC), ][mez][ breeze (AUS), Carla Cruz (PT), Cym (AUT/NL), Aileen Derieg (AUT), Valie Djordjevic (G), Nina Höchtl (AUT), Deb King (USA), lady tigers night club LTNC (AUT), lizvlx (CH/A), Jess Loseby (Various) et al, Diana McCarthy (USA/G), Nancy Paterson (CAN), Regina Célia Pinto (BRA), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL), sisterO (NL), Nina Sobell (USA), Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO), Eva Ursprung (AUT), Francesco Ventrella (I), Faith Wilding (USA), Nanette Wylde (USA), Jody Zellen (USA)

"cyber feminism past forward" consists of a "cyber fems virtual real" exhibition with feminist net art, websites, posters, screenings and "cyber fems real meetings" with presentations, panels and performances. The exhibition focuses on current works of international media artists, the history of women's movements and celebrates the pioneers of cyberfeminism. In the panel "Name the depoliticalization of cyber feminisms!" we will concentrate on the essential question of the exhibition: how are aspects of the depoliticalization of feminisms emerging in light of today's global politics?

cyber fems real meetings

Friday March 30 2007
7 pm Name the depoliticalization of cyber feminisms!
Carla Cruz (PT), Aileen Derieg (AUT), Valie Djordjevic (G), Nina Höchtl
(AUT), Rudolfine Lackner (AUT), lady tigers night club LTNC (AUT),
lizvlx (AUT/CH), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL), Diana McCarthy (USA/G),
Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO), Francesco Ventrella (I)

Saturday March 31 2007:
10-1 pm cyber feminism past forward workshop
Rudolfine Lackner (AUT) in collaboration with the women's-spring-university
3 pm Take Nothing for Granted/Nichts is selbstverständlich
Aileen Derieg (AUT)
4 pm World of Female Avatars
Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO)
4:30 pm No Men's Land
Cym (AUT/NL)
5 pm LTNC's magic garden - experimental Internet TV
lady tigers night club - LTNC (AUT)
6 pm on accountability, performance
Carla Cruz (PT), Nina Höchtl (AUT), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL),
Francesco Ventrella (I)
7 pm Faces: 10 years (past and future)
Valie Djordjevic (G), Diana McCarthy (USA/G), Faces mailing list members

Curators: Rudolfine Lackner, Evelin Stermitz
Staff assistants: Katharina Hoffmann, Magdalena ÖlzantFree admission

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Frauenfrühlingsuni FFU
The Women's Media Center NY


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