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DigiArts @ World Summit on Information Society


Dear DigiArts friends,

On this occasion, we would like to inform you of DigiArts participation to the World Summit on Information Society Tunis 2005 (16-18 November 2005).

UNESCO with its unique mandate to promote the building of “knowledge societies” plays a key role in the 'World Summit on Information Society' preparation with the organization of a variety of events, encouraging the broadest possible participation by professional communities, representatives of civil society, governmental parties and the private sector.

The DigiArts Project, in particular, will incorporate the socio-cultural and educational dimensions of building Knowledge Societies and help to grasp the opportunities offered by the ICTs by placing different actors, practitioners and institutions engaged in creative digital practises at its centre.

Two presentations are foreseen on the DigiArts project, focusing on “Creative practises using ICTs in promotion of cultural diversity”, at the UNESCO stand (2303 inclusive access) on:

- 16 November 2005 (10:00-10:45)

- 18 November 2005 (16:00-17:00)

You are most welcome to join us and share your ideas and experiences on how WSIS Actions in cultural diversity and capacity building could further support knowledge societies.

Please find the programme of the sessions:

Introduction... Doyun Lee, UNESCO DigiArts Team

Creative digital practises... Gerfried Stocker, Director, Ars Electronica

Capacity building pilot project in Art, Design & Technology in the Arab Region... Jaco Du Toit, UNESCO DigiArts Team

Young creators promoting cultural diversity through creative digital practises... Doyun Lee, UNESCO DigiArts Team

Young African digital creators and Culture of Peace... Eduard Matoko, Director, UNESCO Office in Bamako

WSIS Action and Creative Digital Practises... Jaco Du Toit, UNESCO DigiArts Team

We will also have an extra session at the Austrian pavilion (next to the central place at KRAM) on 18 November (13:00 - 13:30) on “Digital Communities” in cooperation with Ars Electronica.

Warm regards,


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