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FotonLab 1.0
Peter Van Hoesen


FotonLab is a series of workshops focusing on new, technologically advanced audiovisual interfaces, organised by Foton (Brussels). FotonLab 1.0 deals with realtime sound, video & 3D multi-screen processing.

FotonLab 1.0 is open to electronic musicians, video artists and 3D-animators, giving them the opportunity to work with Windows On Another World™ (WOAW™), an extremely powerful realtime sound, video and 3D effect-processor for multi-screen projections, developed by Périactes and Lucid Lights.

Through direct control on different levels WOAW™ is a perfect interface for electronica-, vj- en dj-events:
- realtime choice and combination of source material
- realtime choice among a wide variety of effects and their according levels
- realtime analysis of the audio input
- correlation between the generated images and the physical configuration of the projection screens
- possibility of using MIDI and DMX as control signals.

The goal of the FotonLab 1.0 workshop is to test the multiple possibilities of the WOAW™ system and to create, in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way, an immersive audiovisual world. The workshop lasts 5 days and allows for 6 to 8 audiovisual artists to participate. At the end of the workshop the result will be open to the public.

Detailed information can be found at

Practical details:
* when:
- workshop: from Monday 27 June 2005 until Friday 1 July 2005, each day from 10:00 until 18:00
- public performance: Friday 1 July 2005, at 21:00
* where:
- Argos: Werfstraat 13 Rue du Chantier - 1000 Brussels, Belgium

* requirements:
- personal musical and/or visual work must be at an advanced level
- being interested in the technological side of audiovisual creations
- for musicians -> only laptop
- for video artists -> only images in digital format
- for 3D-animators -> advanced knowledge of Lightwave

* fee:
- the fee for the workshop is 50 EUR

* how to participate:
- mail a short CV and a letter of motivation to

FotonLab 1.0 is realised with the support of:
- Vlaamse Gemeenschap (VG) / Flemish Community
- Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC) / Commission of the Flemish Community

In collaboration with:
- Périactes

Thanks to:
- Argos, for putting their space at our disposal
- Cie Bud Blumenthal / Hybrid, for putting their projectors at our disposal
- Aernout Mik, for putting his projection structure at our disposal

For additional information please contact:
Foton/Foam - Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 Quai des Charbonnages - 1080 Brussels
t: 02-411.31.19

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