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International Symposium & Event: re:mote regina
Soil Media Suite


re:mote regina is an experimental symposium and international net-based festival that links new media practitioners and theorists from diverse areas through a mixture of live and online presentations.

The first festival took place in Auckland New Zealand in March 2005 ( The second in the series 're:mote regina' is about to be held on Friday, May 20 at Soil Digital Media Suite in, Regina, Canada. (

re:mote: regina will feature on-site and online presentations analysing the way that digital technologies can augment collaborations across geographical and cultural distance. Artists and commentators from Capetown, Auckland, London, Vancouver, Banff, Montreal, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Newcastle will presentation their work via live video stream to an audience in Regina. Artists from Regina and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) will also present their work onsite. re:mote regina is to be an ongoing series of events, which will take place at locations around the world. re:mote: auckland was the global premiere of this series.

re:mote explores questions like: what does it mean to be remote in an electronic art world? Are there 'centres' and 'peripheries' within a world increasingly bridged, criss-crossed and mapped by digital technologies? Can technologically mediated communication ever substitute for face-to-face dialogue? Is geographical diversity a factor in contemporary art production? Is remote a relative concept?

Particpants include:
Jen Hamilton (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Dr. Shiela Petty (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Dr. Daryl Hepting (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Trevor Cunningham (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Jirayu Uttaranakorn (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Jeff Mortens (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Carrie Gates (Saskatooon, Saskatchewan)
Jon Vaughn (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Sarah Cook (Newcastle, UK)
Marc Tuters (Montreal, Canada)
Thomas Mulcaire (Capetown, South Africa)
Matthew Biederman (Los Angeles, USA)
Zita Joyce (Auckland, New Zealand)
Adam Willetts (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Gates (Vancouver, Canada)
Adam Hoyle (London, UK)
Toby Heys (Montreal, Canada and UK)

Proceedings will be streamed live and a chat room is available. For more information about how to participate remotely please visit:

For a schedule and timezone converter please visit:

Additionally, with the second in this series (re:mote regina) the remote series is experimenting with telematic workshops. Utilising standard technologies it is hoped a model for these workshops can be established. The first trial of this model will be a workshop on MAX/MPS/Jitter lead by Matthew Biederman. Matthew will be leading the workshop from Los Angeles and the particpants will be in SoilMedia Lab (Regina, Canada).

re:mote regina

re:mote regina is a collaboration between r a d i o q u a l i a and
Soil Digital Media Suite.

r a d i o q u a l i a

SoilMedia Lab

Soil wishes to acknowledge funding support from the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Daniel Langlois Foundation for the Arts and SMPIA.

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