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Holland Open Software Conference
Jo Lahaye


Holland Open Software Conference, May 30, 31, June 1.

World famous speakers brighten first edition of HOSC

This spring the first Holland Open Software Conference will take place.
The organization has invited some renowned speakers to Amsterdam, all in the fields of open source, open standards and open content. The aim of the conference is to show that professional open solutions are widely available and that more and more organizations and businesses are deliberately choosing for open alternatives. Some from a certain vision and philosophy, others for purely economical rationales. The conference further aims to offer a platform for knowledge exchange on the subjects.

The conference will have a duration of three days and takes place at the great hall (Aula) of the University of Amsterdam and the Faculty of Law at the Oudemanhuispoort. There are keynotes and many parallel sessions that cover a wide range of topics. On June 1, there are also workshops, where the audience can get in direct contact with the speakers and representatives from projects or companies.

Why should you be there:

Business ratio. If you want to know if you can migrate to open solutions, there are many interesting tracks. And on Wednesday there will be several workshops on migration to open solutions: desktop, email, content management, databases, etcetera.
E-government. On this conference there are many tracks that are of special interest to governments that take electronic citizen services serious. A selection of tracks that are interesting for governments are: tracks on interoperability, compliance, GIS (Geo Information Systems), metadata for governments and the use of web technology to progress social inclusion. And why aren't all publicly funded institutions using an open license for content (Creative Commons).

What is open software, how does it work: Ever had questions about open software like: What's out there and can it be used properly? What are the risks and how do communities manage their software? At the HOSC these questions will meet their answers. There are many tracks about the various business models of open source and many applications are shown: desktop, databases, middleware, portals, CMS, e-mail and many more. And there are scientific papers with facts and figures on the safety of open source software.

Debate. The HOSC is also a place for debate. Not so long ago the EU directive on software patents has lead to a fierce dispute. Now some of the important players are here: The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), the Business Software Alliance, Philips and representatives from the scientific world. Not only in this session but also in other tracks there is room for some debate and we would like to draw your attention especially to the forum on innovation, with representatives from: the EU, Amsterdam, Dutch government, Dutch Parliament and many others.

Education. There is a full track on open e-learning systems, focusing on fruitful OSS-collaborations. And the importance of games in future education. Will learning soon be a lot of fun, instead of a burden? Founding father of the open web encyclopedia Wikipedia will also share his view on making knowledge accessible to everyone. And the EU funded Leonardo project Stratos will give insight in the migration of OSS by small and medium size companies.

These are just a few reasons to come to the Holland open. For more information please take a look on: Location: The conference will start at the great hall (Aula) of the University of Amsterdam (Singel 411), After the first morning of keynote speakers the conference will move to the 'Oudemanhuispoort' (Oudemanhuispoort 4). See website.

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Holland Open Software Conference:
May 30, 31, June 1 in Amsterdam.

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