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Warm greetings from the UNESCO DigiArts Team,


You might think that it is a funny title for a programme promoted by UNESCO! Not at all DigiArts is just a platform, which intends to promote knowledge, research and communication within the framework of culture and ICT. It is also a pilot projects aiming to investigate new methods of acquiring knowledge through experiences based on artistic practices and peer-to-peer communication. It also seeks new modalities of learning using online facilities as well as creating human environment within Internet through the establishment of creative communities.
But, most of all, DigiArts intends to prepare young people to tomorrow’s social, cultural, aesthetical practices.

Why DigiArts? Towards communities of practise in Digital Arts

We are presenting to you art and design works created on line by some 150 young people from different geo-cultural regions linked to major issues of sustainable development.
Enjoy yourself and join us for our futur sessions!

Check out the latest of Young Digital Creators and Call for participation

Milagros Del Corral, Team leader
UNESCO Knowledge Portal - DigiArtsTeam

Check out the latest works of Young Digital Creators

“Being creative and collaborative” is the motto of the Young Digital Creators (YDC) Programme, which is a web-based programme designed for young participants of different cultures to gradually construct, through a collaborative process and creative digital tools, a deeper understanding of each other's cultural values and shared perspectives related to issues such as water, HIV/AIDS, and urbanisation. As entertaining and creative as the participating experience would be, it brings motivation for teacher and educators as well towards new teaching methods, combining ICT, creative thinking and different subjects.

Urban sounds and lights
As such, online medium is meant to foster exchange of images, sounds, and ideas taking on a local flair or tone, it serves as an interactive platform across cultures. As for the YDC programme “Scenes and Sounds of my City”, it gives the floor to young people to present the realities within their own urban space and environment. It is a virtual visit to a city 100,000 kilometres away from one’s home, it connects young people around the world to make a collective expression of tales of cities told by themselves. Selection of creations

Music and Water
Have you ever realized how we are surrounded by so many different soundscapes of water? Taking notice of water as an “issue”, as well as of its sounds, and what it means to humankind is what young students are invited to reflect on through the “Sound of our Water” YDC programme. Selection of creations                                                                                   

Picturing HIV/AIDS
Through Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS”, young participants are asked to work in collaboration in adopting creative thinking. The programme gives youth a chance to exchange unique reflections with their peers by making joint digital triptychs on HIV/AIDS with a special focus to embrace different socio-cultural realities and environments.
Selection of creations

A stout cheer and highest appreciation to all the young artists, creators, and teachers who have participated and shared their valuable experiences in YDC since its launch in April 2004!

Join us for session 2005: Call for participation to the Young Digital Creators

Now that you've gone through the art works of the young creators, would you like to participate in Session 2005 of the Young Digital Creators programme with your students?  

What do you need to be a part of the Young Digital Creators?  All the basic resources and tools are online, so if you have a computer, internet connection and, above all, the spirit to be creative and collaborative, you're ready to go!   

Fill in the registration form
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And for more details go to the DigiArts portal

Why DigiArts? Towards communities of practise in Digital Arts
It is now understood that information technology is forming a powerful alliance with creative practises in the arts and design to establish the new domain of information technology and creative practices (ITCP). In this context, DigiArts Portal intends to promote new types of creative practices within Information and Communication Technologies.

Education for Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is basically about learning and “Education for a Sustainable Future”.


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