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Creative Places - Spaces Regional Forum
Sue Edworthy


DATE:  Tuesday, November 18 & Wednesday November 19, 2008
TIME:  8:30am to 4:00pm each day
LOCATION: Artscape Wychwood Barns, 76 Wychwood Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

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Event Overview
Leaders in business, the arts, science, and social enterprise are exploring the role that space plays in nurturing creativity and fostering innovation. They are experimenting with design, co-location of uses, resource sharing, and program support in an effort to create productive, dynamic and inspiring work environments. While the focus of these initiatives may be starkly different, they share an interest in how to effectively develop and support platforms for collaboration.
The Creative Places + Spaces Regional Forum is a 2-day event for leaders in the culture and creative sector to learn about creative spacemaking. It is a forum for practitioners and policymakers to work together on developing a stronger enabling environment for creative space development projects.

Creative Places + Spaces will provide delegates with:

- An opportunity to exchange information about new generations of facilities that are explicitly designed to nurture collaboration and accelerate innovation
- An in-depth workshop led by Artscape on how to conceive, support, finance, build, and manage complex creative space projects
- A focused dialogue between practitioners and policymakers on how to improve policy, funding, financing, planning tools, networks, coordination, and collaboration for creative space initiatives
- An excellent opportunity to network with colleagues across sectors and with government who are engaged in creative spacemaking

The forum aims to build the capacity of Ontario communities to build and manage creative space projects and advance solutions to the complex set of challenges involved in developing them.
Creative Places + Spaces Regional Forum is open exclusively to Ontario delegates. It is a warm-up event for a much larger international conference Artscape is planning for the Fall of 2009.
Day One - Building Creative Spaces
Day One of the Creative Places + Spaces Regional Forum is the culmination of Artscape's 4 year organizational and leadership development workshops on creative spacemaking that attracted over 250 participants from 45 municipalities across Ontario. This invaluable exchange of knowledge and experience on creative and cultural sector facility development has enriched the development of the Artscape Wychwood Barns project and provides the foundation for Day One as delegates are provided with a detailed look into the nuts and bolts of the project's development process. With the completed facility as a backdrop, key team members will discuss each critical phase of the project from various perspectives, focusing on key learnings that describe pitfalls to avoid and important tactics to implement. Delegates will interact with senior Artscape staff, project architects, community leaders, politicians, funders, artists and organizations who have contributed to the project's successful development. Key areas of discussion include:

- Concept Development and Feasibility Assessment
- Community and Civic Engagement
- Funding and Financing
- Project Management
- Tenanting and Governance

Delegates will be provided with the opportunity to interact directly with key project team members in small group discussions that focus on knowledge sharing in relation to projects in their own communities.
Day Two - Understanding and Enabling Platforms for Collaboration
Day Two will begin with an exploration of how space and place projects are being used to drive innovation in a variety of sectors. Morning sessions will focus on the emergence of new models of infrastructure designed to foster collaboration and the challenges inherent in funding, building, and managing them. During afternoon breakout sessions, practitioners and policymakers will be asked to roll up their sleeves and work on solutions to address problems such as:

- Cross-Sector Collaboration: How can effective partnerships be built between arts, new media, design, knowledge institutions and government sectors?
- Community Hubs: What kind of partnerships can and are being developed to advance the "neighbourhood hub" concept from an idea to a reality?
- Municipal Planning: What municipal planning tools and approaches are required to build 21st century infrastructure for the cultural and creative sector?
- Networks: What role can networks play in sharing knowledge and building capacity regarding creative space development?
- Funding and Finance: How can government more effectively support multi-sector collaborations?
- Entrepreneurship: How can sector-specific entrepreneurship support be delivered through creative space projects?
Each breakout session will be tasked with exploring and providing feedback on initiatives that respond to these questions. The goal of the day will be to create a set of recommendations for a stronger framework or enabling environment for creative space development.
Who Should Attend
Individuals, organizations or partnerships from throughout Ontario that are interested in developing innovative multi-tenant facilities in their communities, including:

- Arts & Cultural Organizations
- Artist Co-operatives
- Business Improvement Associations
- Community Development Agencies
- Environmental Stewardship Groups
- Downtown Revitalization & Economic Development Corporations
- Granting bodies
- Government
- Knowledge Institutions
- Financial Institutions
Early-Bird Registration:   $130 + $6.50 GST = $136.50 (register by Oct. 28/08)
Regular Registration:  $180 + $9.00 GST = $189.00 (register by Nov. 13/08)
The Creative Places + Spaces Regional Forum is open exclusively to Ontario delegates. It is a warm-up event for a much larger international conference Artscape is planning for the Fall of 2009. The Creative Places + Spaces Regional Forum offers advance registration only - no registration sales at the door - register now and save $50 on registration fee which includes delegate materials, light breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.
A limited number of registrations are available, so take the time to register yourself today! The Early Bird Registration Fee is only $130 + GST if you register by October 28, 2008. After this date, the Regular Registration Fee of $180 + GST will apply.
Register Online at:
For further information, contact Karol Murillo at 416-392-1038 x49 or email at
Artscape gratefully acknowledges the support provided by The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Ministry of Culture - Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund, Ministry of Culture - Cultural Strategic Investment Fund, and the Ontario Arts Council

Artscape is a not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to culture-led regeneration and city-building through the arts. Artscape's work includes developing and managing creative buildings, building creative neighbourhoods, and designing strategies and tools to advance creative cities.

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