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Ludium I Conference Results
Edward Castronova


The results of Ludium I are now available. Ludium I was a conference built to test the hypothesis that a game could be used to generate productive academic activity. A final report of the Ludium's activities, as well as a 22-minute documentary, can now be downloaded here:

This is the website of a new entity, The Arden Institute. It is devoted to organizing the ludium conferences and more generally to raising the awareness of synthetic worlds among leading decision makers. The institute is itself an experiment. It is not funded by a grant; indeed, it is not funded at all. It will, however, solicit support from those who view the web site. A prospectus is available for download, and those who are sympathetic are invited to make a donation via PayPal. Donations will be funneled into an Indiana University research account and earmarked to the Institute. The strategy is to use network effects on the internet, rather than the hierarchical structures of formal organizations, to aggregate resources. Collections may or may not be sufficient to run an academic institute. Time will tell.

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