Tecnologie e Società

Saggi e interventi sulle relazioni tecnologie-società. I testi sono inseriti nell'ordine in cui pervengono. La suddivisione in sezioni ha lo scopo di migliorare la fruzione

Essays and interventions on technologies-society relationships. Texts are published in the arrival order. Sections have the function to improve legibility

The Impossible Clone
by Gerry Coulter
Interview à propos de "sk-interfaces"
by Ivana Mulatero (reviewed by Franco Torriani)
MathEcoDesign. Il Design e la Matematica al Tempo dell’Informazione
di Ignazio Licata
Stories of competition and collaboration
by Rob van Kranenburg
Arte e interattività. Claudio Cerritelli intervista Pier Luigi Capucci
di Claudio Cerritelli
Towards a Unified Existential Science of Humans and Androids
by Alan N. Shapiro


The sensible reality between obviousness and uncertainty
by Pier Luigi Capucci
Simulation is not the Opposite of the Real – Jean Baudrillard on Simulation and Illusion

by Gerry Coulter
Conversation between Alan N. Shapiro and Franco Torriani about Gianna Maria Gatti’s The Technological Herbarium
by Alan N. Shapiro, Franco Torriani
Visualizing Dilemmas: when information and biology converge in the visualization of viruses

by Roberta Buiani
Simulation as a Global Resource
by Pier Luigi Capucci


The Epistemological Turn: Technology, Bricolage and Design
by Giuseppe O. Longo
Rethinking Art as Intimate Science: Climate Art as a Hard Humanity
by Roger Malina
Bio Art
by Eduardo Kac
Political Ecology And Our Rendezvous With Death
by Gerry Coulter
The Car of the Future
by Alan N. Shapiro and Alan Cholodenko

From life to life. The multiplicity of the living
by Pier Luigi Capucci
Humans, animals and robots. Interview to France Cadet
by France Cadet
From The Technological Herbarium (3) - Interactive Plant Growing and Trans Plant by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau
by Gianna Maria Gatti
La doppia articolazione del vivente / The Double Division of the Living
by Pier Luigi Capucci
From The Technological Herbarium (2) - Osmose by Char Davies
by Gianna Maria Gatti

From The Technological Herbarium (1) - Telegarden by Ken Goldberg
by Gianna Maria Gatti
by Eduardo Kac
Gianna Maria Gatti's The Technological Herbarium
by Alan N. Shapiro
Terza vita
di Franco Torriani
NeMe: Hot to Bot
by Edward A. Shanken


Il Ritmo
di Stefano Gambini
Scienza come arte della conoscenza
di Ignazio Licata
Life Extreme. A conversation with Eduardo Kac
by Franco Torriani
Realtà invisibile e realtà virtuale
di Roberta Peveri
Halo 3. Marketing Case History
di Alessandro Cavaleri


Les Chromatologues
par Louis Bec
Les Stimutalogues
par Louis Bec
Unsafe Distance
by Franco Torriani
Sul concetto di vivente: interpretazioni e implicazioni
di Franco Torriani
The Darwinian Composer
di Luigi Pagliarini


Les Poissons électriques
par Louis Bec
par Louis Bec
Introduction to Drama and Artificial Intelligence
by Antonio Pizzo
A scuola con Lukes e Foucault per riconoscere i segni del potere
di Antonio Tursi
Forward/Backward - Living/Still
by Jens Hauser


Conversation à trois
by Jean-Paul Thenot, Jean-Pierre Giovanelli, Franco Torriani
For any reason or no reason - on virtual (extra-)territoriality
by Linda Hilfling
The Three Basic Forms of Remix: A Point of Entry
by Eduardo Navas
Can Organized Networks Make Money for Designers?
by Ned Rossiter
Vernacular Video
by Tom Sherman


Collaboration. Seven notes on new ways of learning and working together
by Florian Schneider
La politica e le tecnologie della trasparenza
di Antonio Tursi
G/MOL Space Project (Beta 1)
by Manuel Viñas Limonchi
Arte e biotecnologie
di Pier Luigi Capucci, Franco Torriani
Models, Knowledge, post-Fordism – all that Crackpot Science Fiction...
by Ralo Mayer


On Byways and Backlanes: The Philosophy of Free Culture
by David M. Berry
Generic Infrastructures [3]
by Rob van Kranenburg
Generic Infrastructures [2]
by Rob van Kranenburg
Generic Infrastructures [1]
by Rob van Kranenburg
Chaos TM and the Aesthetics of Active Passivity
by Sefik Seki Tatlic


Control through neoliberal democracy: in-between the headless (the populist right wing mob attitude) and the thoughtless (the snob attitude)
by Marina Grzinic
The Symposium of Philosophy or the Philosophy of Symposium: Ethics and Politics in Society of the Spectacle
by Alkiviadis Rasel
Ready for Action
by Jordan Crandall
The Creative Common Misunderstanding
by Florian Cramer
Identity, Transformation, and Digital Languages: a conversation with Ali Zaidi
by Antonio Pizzo


Millesuoni. Intervista a Emanuele Quinz
di Franco Torriani
di Valerio Eletti
di Luigi Pagliarini
Multimedialità. La trasformazione multimediale dei linguaggi comunicativi
di Lorenzo Taiuti
Precarity, Social Movements and Political Communication
by Martín Bergel, Julia Risler (Translation: Brian Whitener)


Tempo – Bidimensionale nell’Arte e nella Scienza
di Paolo Manzelli
Precision + Guided + Seeing
by Jordan Crandall
The New Dialectic of Play
by George N. Dafermos
Multisensory interactive installation
by Daniela Voto

The Stuff of Culture
by Felix Stalder


Stepping out of the Sun, Zapatista management rules
by Rob van Kranenburg
Libre Commons = Libre Culture + Radical Democracy
by David M. Berry & Giles Moss
Marginal Networks: The Virus between Complexity and Suppression
by Roberta Buiani
Reflections on Conceptual Art and its relation to New Media, a month long conversation at Empyre
by Eduardo Navas
Short invective on theatre and virtuality: Five things I don’t want to hear anymore
by Antonio Pizzo


Connection Machines
by Eric Kluitenberg
Cultural learning: some issues and horizons
by Y. Raj Isar
Noncommercial Email Lists: Collateral Damage in the Fight Against Spam
by Cindy Cohn and Annalee Newitz
The Will to Code: Nietzsche and the Democratic Impulse
by David M. Berry & Lee Evans
Il virtuale, il potenziale, l’attuale ed il reale nell’arte elettronica: i casi di Desert Rain, Totale della Battaglia e Murmuring Fields
di Giulia Gelmini


Bios: ars naturans
di Nanni Menetti
Fragmented Places and Open Societies
by Felix Stalder
Transparency to Exodus. On political process in the mediated democracies
by Brian Holmes
Unpacking Internet Governance – And Finding Red Herrings
by Arun Mehta
Tribù della memoria
di Alberto Abruzzese


Networks and globalization
by Jim Davis
Il Net - Criticism di Geert Lovink
Indagare le “limitazioni del software” e le “dinamiche di gruppo”

di Vincenzo Bitti
The Parliament Of Things
by David M. Berry
The Sovereignty of the Code
by Nicholas Ruiz
Data should be free
by Rob van Kranenburg


GNU/Linux – Milestone on the Way to the GPL Society
by Stefan Merten
Art, Multiplicity and Awareness
by Pier Luigi Capucci
Operational Media
by Jordan Crandall
Can We Build a Wireless Communications Infrastructure That Values Everyone’s Right to Communicate?
by Vikki Cravens, Dharma Dailey, Antwuan Wallace
Signals, statistics & social experiments: The governance conflicts of electronic media art
by Brian Holmes


X notes on Practice. Stubborn Structures and Insistent Seepage in a Networked World
by Raqs Media Collective
Le estetiche del ciberspazio
di Antonio Tursi
The Art of Security. Culture and 21st Century Risk Management
by Konrad Becker
Software Art After Programming
by Richard Wright
Digital Writing Circa 2004
by Jim Andrews


Connection in Visibility. Reconnecting the Space of Flows Unplugged
by Eric Kluitenberg
“Content Flatrate” and the Social Democracy of the Digital Commons
by Rasmus Fleischer
The Social Construction of Blogspace
by Ryan Griffis
Three Proposals for a Real Democracy
Information-Sharing to a Different Tune

by Brian Holmes


Reale, materiale e virtuale
di Alessandro Martin
Ars Electronica 2004 Reportage (2). Derrick de Kerckhove
di Simona Caraceni
Ars Electronica 2004 Reportage (1). Lev Manovic
di Simona Caraceni
di Alessandro Martin
Art and technosciences. Theoretical and thematic reflections
by Pier Luigi Capucci


Economie dei corpi nella virtualizzazione tecnomediale
di Monica Baroni
Urbano troppo urbano. Vivere e morire a SimCity (2)
di Matteo Bittanti
Urbano troppo urbano. Vivere e morire a SimCity (1)
di Matteo Bittanti
Più che un’immagine. Considerazioni sull’arte interattiva
di Silvia Bordini
Background on CAE
by Claire Pentecost


Real Rules of Innovation for the 21st Century (Part 4)
by Rob van Kranenburg
Real Rules of Innovation for the 21st Century (Part 3)
by Rob van Kranenburg
Real Rules of Innovation for the 21st Century (Part 2)
by Rob van Kranenburg
Real Rules of Innovation for the 21st Century (Part 1)
by Rob van Kranenburg
Organised Networks Institutionalise to give Mobile Information a Strategic Potential
by Ned Rossiter


drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry
by Rob van Kranenburg
Posthumous society. On the implications of a transition via transhuman - to posthuman society
by Gabriel Pickard
Confessions of a Curator
by Patrick Lichty
ASN: Reinventing Social Networks
Interview with Ken Jordan by Geert Lovink
The Myth of Meritocracy in Fine Arts
by Dyske Suematsu


(I)Migrants, Hegemony, New Internationalism
by Marina Grzinic
Discipline Design: The Rise of Media Philosophy
An Email Exchange with Frank Hartmann

by Geert Lovink
Estetica delle catastrofi
Conversazione con Agnese Benassi, Roberta Buiani, Rossella Maspoli, Marcello Pecchioli, Emanuele Quinz, Chiara Somajni, Lorenzo Taiuti, Franco Torriani, a cura di Bruna Piras
Due o tre cose che so di Eveline
di Ernesto Ferrari
An interview with Lev Manovich in Malmö
by Kristoffer Gansing


Satisfying Donor and Non-Profit Objectives: The Quiet Revolution In Non-Profit Capacity Support
by Jonathan Peizer
Electronic Cruelty
by Gordana Novakovic
Understanding the Medium of Video Game
by Dyske Suematsu
Notes on the cultural dimensions of software and art
by Andreas Broeckmann
Report – Creative Labour and the Role of Intellectual Property
by Ned Rossiter


A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s)
by Darko Fritz
Do Domain Names Matter?
by Francis Hwang
Virtual Worlds: A First-Hand Account of Market and Society on the Cyberian Frontier
by Edward Castronova
The new information ecosystem: cultures of anarchy and closure
by Siva Vaidhyanathan
Mapping territory
by Rob van Kranenburg


Presentation for OURmedia III, Barranquilla
by Sasha Costanza-Chock
Tecnologie del vivente (3)
di Pier Luigi Capucci
My Email Is Longer Than Your Email: Gender in Online Communities
by Eryk Salvaggio
Tecnologie del vivente (2)
di Pier Luigi Capucci
The International Origins of the Internet and the Emergence of the Netizen: Is the Early Vision Still Viable?
by Ronda Hauben


Tecnologie del vivente (1)
di Pier Luigi Capucci
Over the RGB Rainbow
by Are Flågan
Constructing the Digital Commons. A venture into hybridisation
by Eric Kluitenberg
The Premise of Recombinant Architecture: One
by Benjamin H. Bratton
Quantum Finance. A new methodology for economics
by Ian Dickson


net art e Virtual Museums (3)
di Domenico Quaranta
DEMOing. A new emerging art form or just another digital craft?
by Shirley Shor & Aviv Eyal
net art e Virtual Museums (2)
di Domenico Quaranta

I musei in rete (3)
di Pietro Bussio
Landscape data and complex adaptive system Earth. Holism in complexity and network science
by Geri Wittig


net art e Virtual Museums (1)
di Domenico Quaranta
I musei in rete (2)
di Pietro Bussio
New Media: its Aestethics and Representation
by Dunja Kukovec
I musei in rete (1)
di Pietro Bussio
Gift(wrap)ing New Media (in an Authentic Chilkat Blanket)
by Ryan Griffis


by Nicholas Primich

Aesthetic Biology, Biological Art
by Eugene Thacker
Reseau/Resonance - Connective processes and artistic practice
by Andreas Broeckmann
Defining Multimedia
by Ken Jordan
The Poetics of Augmented Space: Learning from Prada
by Lev Manovich


Database Logic(s) and Landscape Art
by Brett Stalbaum
Processual Media Theory and the Art of Day Trading
by Ned Rossiter
As Logic of Assembly
by Eric Deis
Network 404
by Armin Medosch

Studying world society
by Keith Hart


Freeze Frame: Audio, Aesthetics, Sampling, and Contemporary Multimedia
by Ken Jordan and Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
Imagination and consumer culture
by Rana Dasgupta
Report from ISEA 2002
by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Concepts, Notations, Software, Art
by Florian Cramer
Open Source Intelligence
by Felix Stalder, Jesse Hirsh


Etica hacker
di Claudio Parrini, Ferry Byte, Mirella Castigli
Sign of the times
by Are Flagan
Free Bandwidth
by Jesse Hirsh
Sculptural Form in Net.Art
by Jorn Ebner
Commodifying Usenet and the Usenet Archive or Continuing the Online Cooperative Usenet Culture?
by Ronda Hauben


The Digital Outlaws: Hackers as Imagined Communities
by Henning Ziegler
The Language of Tactical Media
by Joanne Richardson
Artistic Software for Dummies and, by the way, Thoughts About the New World Order
by Olga Goriunova, Alexei Shulgin
Michael Hardt: New Forms of Power
Interview by Ognjen Strpic
Algorithms and Allegories
by Marc Lafia


I Love You
by jaromil
An addiction to Memory [and the desire to annihilate images]
by Tom Sherman
by Mike Caloud
Le previsioni sulla TV del futuro: troppo avanti, troppo presto?
di Francesco Cisternino
Velvet-Strike: War Times and Reality Games
by Anne-Marie Schleiner


Generation Flash
by Lev Manovich
Teatro e multimedia
di Antonio Pizzo
Why Art Should Be Free
by Jon Ippolito
For the Sake of Revolution
by John Horvath
Flaneur Culture. A double generative psychogeographical session
by Wilfried Hou Je Bek


The Singularity and human communication versus a future that does matter
by Leo Lake
The excess of control
by Felix Stalder
The Ass Between Two Chairs
by Howard Slater
Memo Mori
by Mark Dery
The degree zero of politics: virtual cultures and virtual social movements
by Tiziana Terranova


Steal This Essay: Content Is a Pure Public Good
by Dan Kohn
Transfiguration of the Avant-Garde. The Negative Dialectics of the Net
by Eric Kluitenberg
Storia dell'arte in codice binario. Intervista ad Antonella Sbrilli
di Ida Gerosa
Behind the Blip: Software as Culture
by Matthew Fuller
Digital Performance
by Emanuele Quinz


La lotteria a Babilonia
di Luca Tateo
The Flexible Personality: For a New Cultural Critique
by Brian Holmes
The Napsterisation of Everything
by Richard Barbrook
Privacy and freedom of choice
by Ana Viseu
Essay About History and Futurism of the Story
by Dunja Kukovec


The Lens of Images. Desire, Commodities, Media and Hacking
by David Cox
Nuovo teatro digitale
di Virginia Stefanini
Roaming Producers
by Sebastian Luetgert
The Digital Artisan is Dead! Long Live the New Product!
by Micz Flor
Open Source DNA?
by Eugene Thacker


Useless Utilities
by Saul Albert
Lev Manovich: how to speak new media
interview by Daniel Palmer
N is for Nature
by McKenzie Wark
Software Art
by Florian Cramer and Ulrike Gabriel
Telepresence: Invocation and Evocation
by Chris Chesher

Information cannot be free
by Josh Zeidner
Ripercorrendo l'epopea di Napster. Storia di un mito o ricordo per un meteora?
di Francesco Cisternino
Extensions, Boundaries & Double Crossings
by Mercedes Bunz
Formats. What Napster Really Needs
by Adam Curry
On the Links Between Open Source and Culture
by Kim Veltman


Sull'essere retro negli zeri
di Mark Amerika con Abe Golam
Society of the Instance
by Alan Shapiro
Seeing Cyberspace: The Electrical Infrastructure is Architecture
by Brian Thomas Carroll
Science Must Push Copyright Aside
by Richard Stallman
Eravamo pronti
di Massimiliano Neri


Aesthetics of Programming - Interview with Mark Napier
by Andreas Brøgger
DOT Force e la lotta al divario digitale
di Francesco Cisternino
Harvesting the Net: Memory Flesh. Interview with Diane Ludin
by Rachel Greene
Live ASCII Streaming of Video
by Drazen Pantic
A Politics of Intellectual Property: Environmentalism For the Net?
by James Boyle


di Marco Jacquemet
Social Software
by Joel Slayton
Mp3, la battaglia continua
di Francesco Cisternino
by Alex Galloway
<no more tv>
by José Luis Brea


by Scott deLahunta
Interview with Tom Betts / NullPointer
by Matthew Fuller
Interview with Jeffrey Shaw
by Josephine Bosma
The Bandwith Dilemma
by Geert Lovink
L'informatica sotto l'Euro
di Francesco Cisternino


Do Little Kids Belong on the Net?
by John Laurence Miller
Il Progetto GNU - The GNU Project
by Richard Stallman
Cool Business: Etoy's toy wars
by Birgit Richard
Company image e company identity: due modelli per la comunicazione d'impresa in rete
di Mattia Miani
"I am a communication artist". Interview with Nam June Paik
by Tilman Baumgaertel


Ripples and Puddles
by Hans P. Moravec
A Report on The International Festival of Multimedia Urban Arts
by G.H. Hovagimyan
Nuovo Mercato (NM)/3. Quando la sicurezza dell'investitore latita
di Francesco Cisternino
Nuovo Mercato (NM)/2. Know how, questo sconosciuto
di Francesco Cisternino
E lo chiamano Nuovo Mercato (NM)/1
di Francesco Cisternino


Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles Project
by Jennifer Leonard
Verso l'attore artificiale
di Antonio Pizzo
Technology and praxis
by Mattia Miani
"Musica Sicura"? Non si direbbe
di Francesco Cisternino
Caso Microsoft. Il DoJ come 50 anni fa?
a cura di Francesco Cisternino


Noema's B2B for dummies: la vera New Economy
di Massimiliano Neri
Napster, il peccato originale?
di Massimiliano Neri
NEXT SEX - Sex in the Age of its Procreative Superfluousness
di Lorenza Pignatti
Noi Wap, loro I-mode. La rivoluzione del telefonino arriva dal Giappone
di Francesco Cisternino
Informazione e guerra. La televisione nella guerra del Vietnam e del Golfo Persico
di Mirko Nozzi


Profoundly shocking Ars Electronica
by William Osborne
Interagire con gli SMS
di Enrico Caldesi
Breve storia dei videogiochi di calcio
di Nicola D'Antrassi
La cultura della simulazione opaca
di Tatiana Bazzichelli
Interview with Igor Stromajer
by Josephine Bosma


Internet & Politics
by Mattia Miani
Carl Stalling e la musica per i cartoon
di Massimo Bronzetti
McLuhan and the theory of communication
by Mattia Miani
La rete dell'Immaginario
di Matteo Chini
Gli strumenti dell'interazione. Incontro fra la "bio-logica" e la "new-techno-logica"
di Alessandra Voltan


Democrazia elettronica
di Mattia Miani
Festival cinematografici online
di Emanuele Melli
DNA Computing
di Kristina Blachere (tradotto da Francesco Cisternino)
Alba, arte transgenica, arte del vivente
di Pier Luigi Capucci
Le lapin fluorescent
di Louis Bec
GFP Bunny
di Eduardo Kac
L'estetica delle immagini scientifiche
di Maria Letizia Vignola


etoy: un'esperienza di disobbedienza civile elettronica
di A.G.
Il marchio enattivo della Realtà Virtuale
di Giovanna Pagano
New Economy = New Net-Art?
di Claudio Parrini
Dalla Realtà virtuale al Mixed Reality Stage
di Raffaella Rivi
Chaos vs. Business. Un'indagine sui motori di ricerca
di Claudio Parrini e Ferry Byte


Fredde seduzioni
di Agnese Benassi
Presupposti della condivisione del sapere attraverso Internet
di Gérard Blain
Niente Artisti, solo Spettatori
di Tilman Baumgaertel
La grande truffa dell'arte. Avete mai la sensazione di essere imbrogliati?
di 0100101110101101.ORG e Luther Blissett
di E.K.
Articoli e segnalazioni - Articles and events

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