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AlphaAlpha, an animated netbook of letters

I am glad to say that it is ready at: .

The concept of this netbook is the proper "history of writing, which is, in a way, the history of the human race, since in it are bound up, severally and together, the development of thought, of expression, of art, of intercommunication, and of mechanical invention."

"AlphaAlpha" is composed of 365 instances of the letter "A" plus one more for the leap year. The letters are collected in groups of about ten. "AlphaAlpha" is a collaborative work and includes participants ? artists & poets ? from several places around the world. "AlphaAlpha" is a good example of the possibilities of net art.


Joesér Alvarez (Brazil) Bruce Andrews (USA) Jim Andrews (Canada) Paulo Aquarone (Brazil) Isabel Aranda - YTO (Chile) Isabelle Arvers (France) babel (Canada & UK) Vera Bighetti (Brazil) Bruno (Brazil) Patrick Burgaud (France) Josely Carvalho (Brazil) Steve Dalachinsky (USA) Martha Deed (USA) Rodolfo Franco (Brazil & Spain) Marcelo Frazão (Brazil) Muriel Frega (Argentina) Sabrina Gledhill (Brazil) Lisa Hutton (USA) Satu Kaikkonen (Finland) Maja Kalogera (Croatia) Roberto Keppler (Brazil) Manik (Serbia) Brigitte Neufeldt (Germany) Millie Niss (USA) Clemente Padín (Uruguay) Margaret Penfold (UK) Yuko Otomo (USA) Edward Picot (UK) Regina Pinto (Brazil) Isabel Saij (France) José Roberto Sechi (Brazil) Reiner Strasser (Germany) Jurgen Trautwein (USA) Myron Turner (Canada) Susan Turner (Canada) Paulo Villela (Brazil) Miguel Jimenez - Zenon (Spain) Araceli Zuñiga (Mexico)

It is better visualized with Firefox and 1200 X 800 screen resolution.

Warmest regards,
Regina Pinto

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