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Sky for Sale

Since 2001 Im working on the absence using the nanomaterial silica aerogel
used by NASA for the Stardust project

After my SKYFLOWER presented in Berlin, Wedding Gallery see
I will now present my installation Sky for Sale in Oionos Gallery, Karditsa for the period March 20 April 20 2010.

The gallery will be transformed into a spacecraft with view on our terrestrial sky 21 wooden boxes - bottled skies (with clouds and sunbeams) are placed face to 6 masks made out of sky.
Their golden hue shadows are appeared and disappeared on a respiration rhythm. The total installation is watched by red laser lines and the lazy rotatin of a transparent Kore.
On the ceiling a birdcage with 20 litters of sky.
Opening Mars 20, 2010 @ 20:00 (with the music of cellist Mariliza Papadouri-Michaloudi).

If you will pass your holidays nearby you are welcome (March 20 April 20 2010).

Kind regards

Visual Artist
18-20 ALIKARNASSOU, 14231 Athens Greece-EU
tel: +30 210 275 8521
mob: +30 694 977 2229


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