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Diverse Forms Most Beautiful

Art for the creation of biodiversity

Moving from the most recent studies of evolutionary developmental biology, the PAV – Park of Living Art structures its art, education & training 2010 program around the living matter and the like within the current and topical research on biodiversity. Through the involvement of international artists whose practises are close to biology, biotechnology, earth sciences and their new bounds, the PAV aims to make inquires into the environment we live in, according to a morphogenetic perspective, that is about the evolutive hypothesis of forms.
In May Gilles Clément, the French teorician of the landscape, carries out a “green” project on the roof of PAV, as well as a lecture and a workshop arranged in collaboration with the French Embassy in Turin. Emmanuel Louisgrand, while finishing his La Folie du Pav, puts on a workshop meant for the use of tinctorial plants. Ettore Favini and Marzia Migliora shape new and suggestive installations inside the park.
As main actors of Diverse forms most beautiful_Art for the creation of biodiversity, Piero Gilardi and Francesco Monico (February-April) are designing their double exhibition for the exploration of vegetal and molecular interactions, even changing a flower in a musical instrument, for one. Piero Gilardi, besides offering his new installation Eppur si muove (Yet it’s moving), is the master of Designing the living, an open workshop around the matter under question. On the occasion of ESOF 2010, the greenhouse hosts the first Italian solo exhibition of the young American representative of BioArt Brandon Ballengée, whose workshop at PAV and along the river Po is on the amphibious species threatened with extinction. Finally, the programme reaches the end with the first solo exhibition in Turin of the pretty young Nicola Toffolini.
In addiction to the workshops above, as well as the one carried out by Edoardo Kac from Transgenic Art, the PAV Educational and Training Department offers courses and labs especially designed for school pupils and a variety of public, making the most of the wide range of experiences inside the PAV standing collection, from Ibridazioni to Microsguardi, from Jardin Trouvè to Atelier Bioma.
Diverse forms. Changing too; enduring and promoting biodiversity consciousness in the context of the Ecological current and the Eco-civism growth.

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